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Revive your carpets with Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton! Trust our expert service to remove tough stains and restore freshness

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Revitalize your carpets, refresh your home

Feeling like your carpet can’t be saved anymore so you’re thinking of just buying a new one? You don’t have to break the bank because there’s a cost-effective solution for your dirty carpet. What you need is professional and proper carpet cleaning services—and you can have it when you hire us.

The whole carpet space and rugs in your home or business will surely look good as new if only you let us put our hands on it. Not to mention, our work and the products that we use are definitely safe for the environment—a child and pet-friendly solution for your carpet needs.

 The people of Edmonton know Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton is the right business to call when they need expert carpet cleaning. A lot of homes in the city have carpet stains from food waste, pets, and dirt from the outside. But fret not. It’s not something we can’t handle.

We won’t leave your carpets damp, just stain-free. All our workers are professionals and with years of experience. They know what to do with different carpet materials, the shampoo ratio, and the right products to use. Of course, nothing will beat the proven and trusted hands and wisdom that we gained from cleaning carpets right for the longest time.

 So if you live in the city of Edmonton and you want your carpet spot-clean, search no further if you need your carpets cleaned in Edmonton, search no more for “carpet cleaning services near me”. We are the closest and the best choice there is in the business.

 At Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton, we are beyond proud of each and every expert carpet cleaner in our team for being efficient and professional. The expertise they bring to the table, or should we say your carpets, can remove any stain and restore the life of your rugs.

You can reach out to us at any time of the day and our carpet cleaner representatives will be happy to assist and explain our services in detail. We even provide free estimates for residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Edmonton. Feel free to negotiate prices with us so we can start working!

Expert Service

Skilled technicians with industry expertise

State-of-the-art cleaning methods for exceptional results

State-of-the-art cleaning methods for exceptional results

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Safe for your family and pets

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our promise of a clean home

About Us

Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton came about with the goal of becoming unique—different from all the other carpet cleaning companies in terms of services, products we use, and the way we work. Our business’ primary priority is to provide exceptional service by meeting the needs and preferences of our clients consistently and exceedingly.

All of our services, albeit less expensive, the work isn’t compromised one bit. So, you can still have clean carpets without spending a fortune. We get that life can be hectic and time-consuming so we formed a team of experts that can take up the job of cleaning your carpets for you. Each staff member loves cleaning and treats every property as if it was their own. With top-of-the-line equipment and products, we leave your carpets as good as new.

Of course, we follow up and seek approval from every client to ensure we’re satisfying them. In all of our services, our motto remains to be “Your satisfaction is our happiness”. We take every customer feedback as a motivation to grow and improve further in parts where we seem to lack. At Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton, our team strives to provide Edmonton people and homes with quality service and clean carpets and we will continue to develop as a company to make it possible.

Deep Clean Guaranteed

grind all day long. So, if you want this task off your list of chores, it’s time to call us and avail of our services. We can do more than one service for you!

Our team works hard to make your home, office, and business place a better place to be in. We serve as a professional carpet cleaning company that cleans every square foot of your carpets and rugs with high-quality products and high technology. We assure you that our carpet cleaners in Edmonton are consistent in providing outstanding service as they value your approval and satisfaction. Here at Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton, we offer you services like no other.

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Revive Your Carpets, Restore Their Shine!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Professional hands for carpet cleaning are indeed more efficient in so many ways. However, our company goal for residential properties goes beyond the typical service. Yup, even though our work is at a lower price, we still aim to turn your home from a dusty, musty space into a clean ground where you can walk barefoot without worrying about dirt. May it be pet stains, kids’ mess, or food waste, we’ll get that off your carpets in a matter of hours.

 Plus, if you’re all for sustainability, you don’t have to worry. All the cleaning products we use are safe for the environment, for you, your kids, and your furry friends. No matter the circumstances, our team is always ready to take up the job and accomplish it with no hesitation. Whether you’re looking for a spring cleaning or need same-day services, our steam cleaning trucks are always on standby. Know more about what we offer for your homes by reaching out.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How you maintain your commercial space, office, and staff’s working place says so much about you and your business—and a real businessman knows that. A clean environment is vital in creating a positive impression not only for your target market but also for your employees. Clean carpets & rugs make your place a refreshing place to visit and work on. If you have dirty carpets, it can definitely turn off your customers and scare them away.

 Don’t let them run off to another shop by reaching out and availing of our expert commercial carpet cleaning services. Whenever you see the need to get your carpets revitalized, call us and we’ll show up to bring your carpets back to life. Companies in Edmonton have been trusting us to do the job right and we have never failed in doing so. Make the carpet and rugs in your office and shops look brand new with our years of wisdom and expertise.

Area Rug Cleaning

At times, even high-pressured hot water with strong chemicals stands no match for rug stains. Usually, these types of stains have been there for so long. This is where Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton comes in to save the day!

Washing your rugs with your hands is said to be the most effective way to keep them clean and in good condition. And in cleaning your rugs, our team doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and has always opted for organic products specifically made for area rugs. Our team deep cleans your rugs with the latest proper equipment and sustainable methods. With us, you can relax knowing that your rugs are in the right hands. Our service guarantees product longevity if you let us take charge of upkeeping your rugs. 

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Carpet Stain & Odor Removal 

Carpets are always prone to stains. Be it from spilled drinks or pet poop. Lucky for you, we’re always available and at your service. Of course, we always recommend reaching out to us as soon as possible rather than waiting for your rugs to turn mud. The earlier we get to work, the faster we get to remove those stains and let you have a better-looking and fine-smelling carpet. Our skilled Edmonton carpet cleaners work flawlessly in removing imperfections without damaging the quality of the carpet. Never let these accidents ruin the carpet–just call us and you’ll hear us knocking on your doorsteps in no time. 

All of us here at Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton love pets, but we also know how big of a responsibility it is to keep one. As a professional cleaning company, we can do the job of cleaning your dog's urine and feces, along with its foul odor.

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies in Edmonton, we provide clients with permanent solutions. Our team doesn’t just clean the surface layer of your carpets. With our high-tech equipment and products, say goodbye to the stains and odors from the depths of your carpet.  

How Do We Work

A Pre Inspection

To determine the whole carpet space that our team will work on, we conduct an inspection to identify the spots that need a thorough cleaning and to evaluate how heavy the project would be. In the same stage, we plan out the ways we would erase all those stains. We also do a quick test to know the fiber type of the carpet.


We encourage all our clients to perform a vacuum on the whole place prior to our arrival and operations to ensure that all of the dry soil, dirt, and dust are gone since we will be conducting our hot water extraction process. But of course, we could still do this for you if you don’t have the time.

Pre Spray

Based on the fiber material of your carpet, we will use the appropriate non-residual products to break down the dirt and dried-up soils stuck in your carpet. It should not only bring them to the surface for easy removal, but it can also take care of the stains.

Odor Deodorizer

The products we use as a deodorizer are not just some average fragrance you can find elsewhere. It’s specifically made to effectively eliminate the odor from pets, mold, and dirt found in carpets. However, certain stubborn malodors, like urine, may need treatment methods.

Spot Free Cleaning

Yup! Our team doesn’t leave it at that. We double-check for any spots and stains that we could have missed or did not normally disappear as they should. So, if there are any, we would inform you to know if you’d like us to provide special treatments for particular spots.

Post Inspection

Once our cleaning project is complete, we inform the client about any imperfections, installation issues, stubborn stains that won’t just go away, and signs of wear and tear. Of course, we don’t leave without offering solutions and alternatives to minimize or solve these concerns.

Benefits of Hiring Us As Your Carpet Cleaners

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Signs To Have Your Carpets & Rugs Professional Cleaned

Houses and businesses know how beneficial professional carpet cleaning is but the thought is often brushed off leaving their carpets neglected. Our company recommends residential properties have their carpets cleaned at least once a year and have commercial properties clean theirs every 6 months. However, most people are hesitant to pay the price. Ironically, once their carpet dies, having to buy a new one will cost them more.

If you can’t tell when you should give us a call, here are some of the signs that it’s time to ring the pros to help.
1. Odor
Over time carpets get dirty and be full of grime, spills, animal hair, and other debris transferred from feet. Not to mention, they also absorb all the odors of this dirt. When you begin to notice that the smell is becoming unbearable and you can no longer get rid of it with carpet perfume, it’s time to reach out.

2. Discoloration
As expected, your carpet’s color will fade with time. It dulls as the dirt in between carpet fibers builds up. But you can prevent this from happening sooner than later with our carpet cleaning services. With our deep cleaning, you’ll have your carpets fresh and vibrant.

3. Visible Staining & Damage
Carpets that have tough stains and damage like tearing, worn-down spots, and shedding should be professionally cleaned and repaired as soon as possible. It’s crucial to address these sooner because the build-up could permanently stain your carpets leaving them unappealing and harder to maintain. Only with deep cleaning can we properly remove the dirt deeply embedded in the fabric.

4. Allergies
Dust, hair, and other allergens get stuck in your carpets. These particles can spread through the air and trigger unwanted allergies for you, family members, and visitors. If you notice them having prolonged or recurring symptoms, you might want to have your carpet checked.

What Our Client Are Saying

“Having many properties is a lot of work. Recently, we were having a problem upkeeping them, especially our carpets. Thank goodness we found Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton. They handled all our properties like a champ! They did it quickly and we have never been satisfied so much from other carpet cleaners.”

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Mandy K.

"My grandmother gave her heirloom rugs to me. However, they weren’t in the best condition and were barely hanging. I needed cleaners that knew what they were doing and won’t ruin my grandma’s rugs. This company did it for me. The team did so well in restoring them. It even looks like I can pass this down to my children."

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Kennedy W.

“My dogs are making our carpets so stinky. I know I got to have them trained for potty. But anyways, since we didn’t have the time to clean it ourselves, we reached out to Fine Carpet Cleaning. They were so kind and professional. All the spots and stains were cleaned and removed like it was never there Plus, the smell was gone. Looking forward to availing their services soon”

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Annabeth S.


Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions.

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Of course! No one can deny that having your carpets professionally cleaned can positively impact the overall look of your home. It makes your home look more homey, clean, and vibrant. Plus, it helps lessen the chances of bacteria and fungi from growing in your carpet fibers.

Are professional services better than DIY carpet cleaning products?

While DIY carpet cleaning products can remove some of the dirt and stains, it takes longer to dry your carpets which could leave your home with a musty-smelling and sticky carpet. But when you hire us to professionally clean your carpets, we can eradicate all the dirt, stains, and water from the fibers.

How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

We don't charge by the hour of work. Instead, we base our pricing on the size of the carpet area or give a fixed rate per room size. On average, you can expect to pay between $0.20 and $0.40 per square foot for our carpet cleaning services in Edmonton. Our team of professionals will knock on your doors to measure and calculate to provide you with estimates.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

When it comes to deciding between steam cleaning and shampooing your carpet, you can never really go wrong with any of the two. However, our team sees steam cleaning as a more effective choice. Steam cleaning can remove hidden pests and hardened dirt. It can handle tough cleaning tasks without having to wait long for your carpets to dry.

Is dry carpet cleaning better than wet?

If you can’t afford the time to dry wet carpets, dry cleaning is the best option. This is preferred by commercial properties and offices that can’t have a day off. But there are also instances that dry cleaning isn’t enough with all the stains, so we offer low moisture cleaning which only needs little time to dry your carpets.

At times, wet carpet cleaning may remove those stubborn spots and spills but leaves residue once the carpet is fully dried. If this happens, our team does dry cleaning after to fully eliminate the remaining stains.

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Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

Our team welcomes your carpet needs with open arms and we treat everyone as a valued client because, at the end of the day, the people of Edmonton are our neighbors. And of course, we know that you all are the cause of our success.

Our goal extends beyond reaching your expectations. To prioritize the well-being of those who trust us, we promote sustainability and environment-friendly work. Reach out to us now!

  • Don’t call anyone else but us when you’re in need of good carpet cleaning services! Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton provides homes with first-rate services and is filled with trusted carpet cleaners to ensure that you get more than what you paid for. Our goal in this business is to have you satisfied with our work and keep you coming back for another job for us.
  • Our capabilities allow us to help the people of Edmonton maintain their carpets clean, odorless, and stain-free. In return, we continuously receive positive feedback from clients, and we are proud to be a reliable team that serves the community. Our affordability doesn’t equate to average service.
  • Our services are the best in the city, but we make sure it doesn't burden your wallet. So, the locals are well aware of our affordable Edmonton carpet cleaning services and we always work out prices to suit your demands. We don't see you as just another customer.