Pet Odor Removal in Edmonton

Pets are so adorable, fluffy, and cute, and we all love them for being like that, but that cuteness comes with a big responsibility, especially in housekeeping. When you have these bundles of joy in your home, accidents are inevitable in their early years. So as your professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company, we are here to take care of those immediately so your home won’t smell awful.

Many carpet cleaning companies out there will be brave enough to claim that they can remove the odors and stains from your carpets but can’t really get the job done right. If you don’t want to be left hanging with empty promises, choose our services. Traditional carpet cleaners usually just clean the carpet surface and only clean what’s visible to their eyes. And that’s the thing we will never do. We clean our client’s carpet from the surface to its roots and remove the odor stain from it.  

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About Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton Pet Odor Removal

Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton offers a wide range of carpet cleaning services and pet odor removal services are among our specialties. In our work operations, we use a high-heat and high-pressure extractor to fully remove the odors and stains from the depths of your carpets. Plus, we use pet-friendly products to ensure that your dogs won’t get allergies after our cleaning is done.

Our team makes sure to repeat any cleaning process to ensure that we leave no stain behind before we finally heave your home. Every pet stain carpet cleaner in our team has been trained and follows international standards to provide you permanent solutions. 

Pet Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips

When your pet causes an accident, it’s important to take action quickly. You can prevent long-term odors and stains by knowing our carpet cleaning tips when you see a fresh urine stain made by your pet.

1. Blot the Affected Area to Remove the Stain
Cover the stain with a dry cloth or several layers of paper towels over the stain, and press it down so it will absorb the urine. Continue doing this process until it cannot absorb more liquid; the best thing to do when doing this is to avoid rubbing the stain into the fibers.

 2. Lightly Rinse the Stain With Water
Apply a clean, damp cloth or paper towel to the stain until it becomes damp. To do this process, you should avoid soaking the carpet fibers with so much water because it will make the urine soak deeper into your carpet.

 3. You May Stop Blotting the Area When the Carpet is Dry
Use a clean, dry cloth to blot the rinsed area and repeat doing this until no more liquid is absorbed.

Continue doing steps numbers two and three until you cannot see visible stains or smell odors. Take note that you can only do this when the urine is still fresh. Contact us when you’re unable to remove the pet odor stain on your carpet.  

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Why You Need Our Pet Odor Stain Removal Service

Our team of professional carpet cleaners use the best equipment available for pet odors and stains, so our clients have 100% guaranteed for our pet odor stain removal process. Fine Carpet Cleaning Edmonton process aims to eliminate the urine from under the padding, carpet, and wood.

Pets usually keep on going to the same spot again and again when they start urinating on your carpet. The reason for this is that the smell of their urine that is embedded on your carpet will remain. And by hiring us as your carpet cleaner, your problem will surely be fixed. Our carpet cleaning company’s process may take longer to dry than steam cleaning. This is because of deep extraction and washing of your carpet.